What is inside?

    1. How does this course work?

    2. Download Russian Language Advent

    1. Lecture 1 – The Evolution of Russian Christmas

    2. Read about Russian Christmas History

    3. Movie – 6 degrees of Celebration (Ёлки)

    4. Song – В лесу родилась ёлочка + Exercise

    5. Homework / Домашняя работа

    1. Christmas Kolyada video (Рождественские колядки)

    2. Modern Kolyada rehearsal

    3. Various printable activities from me and my colleagues :)

    1. Lecture 2 – Christmas and New Year Symbols

    2. Vocabulary to learn


    4. Downloadable materials for you


    6. Song – Christmas Decorations (Новогодние игрушки)

    7. Homework / Домашняя работа

    1. Russian Holiday Meals

    2. Recipes!

    3. Movie – My Boyfriend is an Angel

    4. Song – Snegurochka

    5. Homework / Домашняя работа


    1. How do we celebrate?


    3. The philosophical cartoon "Holiday" (6 min) + Task (B2-C1)

    4. Movie – Silver Skates (2020)

    5. Song – New Year by Diskoteka Avaria

    6. Homework / Домашняя работа

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Your instructor

Dr. Daria Molchanova

Ph.D. in Russian History

M.A. in Russian Studies

B.A. in Russian Culture

I have always wanted to create a course that would help people understand and love Russia as much as I do. And here it finally comes...


  • Is it the same course that you made last year?

    No, this one is 100% new!

  • Is this course in English or in Russian?

    The course is in English with extra materials for learning Russian (but you don't have to:))

  • Will there be homework?

    Absolutely! I strongly encourage active participation in the course to enhance your speaking skills. However, the choice is entirely yours. If you prefer to focus on gaining insights into Russian holiday traditions without actively engaging in speaking exercises, you are more than welcome to enjoy the course materials at your own pace.

  • What is inside the lessons?

    Over the course of 4 weeks, there will be 4 modules, each unlocking every week. Each section includes: - theoretical video - PDF - movie - song with lyrics - homework (voluntarily.) Also, there is a telegram group for homework, feedback, and extra materials. If you have any questions, a discussion option will be available with each lesson. Looking forward to sharing the holiday joy with you!

Let's celebrate together!

Explore the enchanting Russian culture while simultaneously refining your language skills. This magical opportunity comes around only once a year!